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MotionHeat Heated Work Gloves Complete Set
MotionHeat Heated Work Gloves Complete Set
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Complete Set Package contains:
- Pair of gloves.
- 2 Battery you choose.
- One Battery Charger.
- One StickMan wire.
Our Price: $350.00

Car Charger:

Glove Size*:

Two batteries and one charger system - The ability to run the gloves with the batteries in the cuff or using the Stickman wireset included so the weight of the batteries can be moved to a inside jacket pocket.

NOTE: 16v batteries do not fit inside the pocket and must be used with the stickman wire included in the package.

Size Chart

Hand measurement sizes (circumference): 

Size Centimeters   Inches
X-SMALL 16 - 18cm  6" - 7" 
SMALL  18 - 21cm   7" - 8" 
MEDIUM  21 - 23cm 8" - 9" 
LARGE  23 - 25cm  9" - 10"
X-LARGE 25 - 28cm  10" - 11"


If your size measurements fall between two size categories we recommend going a size down for optimal fitting.


Runtime in hours

        12v Compact Battery 900mAh                 
Number of batteries HighMediumLow
                      12v Standard 2.6Ah                     
Number of batteries HighMediumLow
      16v 2.6Ah - Warmer Temperature      
Number of batteries HighMediumLow
1 1.22 2.00 4.40
2 2.44 4.00 8.80

This is our 1st Generation MOTIONHeat Work Gloves

We have a one touch silicon button for temperature control based on the feedback we received on our last batch of gloves. The gloves still can be run with our Stickman wireset through a jacket so the battery weight can be moved off the wrist, but on request the cuff was added so the gloves can be run of an individual battery in the cuff. Now you don't need to worry about disconnecting your glove from the wire when removing the glove or moving around for everyday tasks.

Temperature control was highly requested based on the feed back on the gloves from last year, so we incorporated the same button from our heated vests to the MOTIONHeat gloves. You can now turn the gloves on and off by holding the button for 2 seconds. While the gloves are on, you have high, medium and low setting for the temperature.

The Low setting is closest to normal body heat at 30C and will give you a run time of 8 hrs.
The Medium setting at 40C is what most people would find warm and gives a run time of 5 hrs.
The High setting comes in at a toasty 50C that feels like your hands are next to a campfire and will run for 3 hrs.

Outdoor users of MotionHeat Products

    • Instant Heat using woven carbon fiber heating elements
    • Full finger coverage as the heating element is around the perimeter of the glove
    • One touch variable temperature control
    • Ability to the mount the batteries in the glove or elsewhere

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