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Work In Progress - Under Construction
Yes, we can ship to International, we have shipped our products to the following location:
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Austria
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Japan

Please do the following first:

  • check with you local importing rule, our motor is 400 - 500 watt, will you able to import this, if so, how much do have to pay for import tax?
  • Can you get similar product in your country?
  • Most of the conversion kit motor are made in China, the two most popular brand that we carries is Crystalyte and Wildereness Energy.  Both of them has been in business since 1998.
  • One exception is BionX conversion kit, it is 80% made in Canada with high quality components and well design
  • The cost to ship to most countries is around $145 - $165 with motor and lithium battery
  • We do not accept credit card over international shipment, the best way and the cheapest way is paypal transaction
  • We can accept bank wire money but it will cost us to receive the money, we will have to charge $40 CAD admin fee
  • You can also send us certified cheque, but it takes longer to mail us the cheque
  • When e-mail us, please check our information resouce link
  • please provide the following:
    • brand and model of your bike, a few pictures would be helpful.  It is help our to determine what will work for you
    • rider weight or any extra weight you may carry
    • road condition (flat, hilly, windy, off-road, etc...
    • distance that you wish to travel (try to provide us km if you can)
  • Please also provide us a sample shipping address, so we can estimate the shipping cost:  Please include the following information:
    • City / Town
    • Postal Code (this is very important information, without we can't get the estimated cost)
    • Country

Thank you for your interest of our products!