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What is Surface 604?

From the Surface 604 website:

At Surface 604 we have a passion for electric bikes. We’re on a mission to change people’s perceptions about what’s possible on an e-bike and to get more people riding more often. That’s why we founded the company in 2013 with one simple goal: to build the ultimate electric bike – one that everyday people can afford.

Our vision was to create the “Sport Utility” of bikes. One bike that could take you anywhere, in any season. A bike that let you bring what you want. A bike that was so fun to ride and so versatile that the second car would just sit in the driveway collecting dust. Or, even better, a bike that would replace the car altogether.

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Surface 604 Rook Surface 604 Rook
Our Price: $2,299.00
Surface 604 Colt Surface 604 Colt
Our Price: $2,299.00