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TERN Folding Bikes

Why Chose TERN
TERN bikes are known for a better and more comfortable ride. With a fast and small fold, TERN bikes are also ideal for commuting, storage, and theft prevention. TERN bikes are designed to be serviceable, not land-fillable. Plus, they’re covered by TERN’s 10-year warranty.

TERN’s Bike Family

TERN builds bikes that defy expectations for what a folding bike can do. They offer a wide range of bikes for different types of riders.

In a way, Tern Bicycles evolved from another company. Joshua Hon founded it in 2011 after he split off from his father David Hon's company, Dahon. Although the two companies produce similar looking products, Tern folding bikes use an improved hinge design and better components to offer a line of folding bicycles that are not only more easily serviced, but generally provide a superior ride

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Tern Link A7 Tern Link A7

The Link A7 lets you discover the utility of a folding bike at Tern's most affordable price ever. With wide 7-speed gearing, and a custom telescopic handlepost, it’s easy to dial-in exactly the ride you’re looking for. It’s built with eyelets for a rear rack, so you can build it up into an urban-commuting workhorse.

Our Price: $675.00
(Out of Stock)
Tern Link C8 Tern Link C8

The Link C8 brings our core technologies to a bike with an amazing price
and even better ride. With a stiff 3D-forged handlepost, versatile
gearing, and comfortable tires, the C8 is the People’s Choice. It folds
fast, and folds small—so it’s easy to tuck away or transport.

Our Price: $1,049.00
In Stock
Tern Eclipse D16 Tern Eclipse D16

The Eclipse D16 delivers the best price-to-performance ratio of any bike in our lineup. Designed with full-sized 26” wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, and a massively stiff hydroformed Eclipse frame, it ticks all the boxes. Somehow, we managed to get it all in there at an amazing price.

Our Price: $1,345.00
(Out of Stock)
Tern Link D7i Tern Link D7i

The Node D7i is optimized for commuting in the city. It sports a versatile seven-speed internal hub for low-maintenance riding, full fenders, and an integrated rear rack. With swept-back handlebars and an Andros™ stem for adjustability, it’s ready for anything from potholes to rainstorms. For maximum utility, we even built a version with integrated lighting and an electricity-generating hub.

Our Price: $1,345.00
(Out of Stock)
Tern Verge D9 Tern Verge D9

The Verge D9 is a trailblazer. Born out of Tern's 451 Verge design philosophy, it has bigger race wheels, T-Tuned™ geometry, and a wide 1x drivetrain. It’s about as much value as Tern could condense into one bike, and it’s ready for any upgrades you can throw at it.

Our Price: $1,445.00
(Out of Stock)
Tern BYB P8 Tern BYB P8

The BYB isn't just a folding bike—it's a whole new way to fold a bike. It's 30% smaller than traditional 20" folding bikes, and folds small and slim enough to fit conveniently into lockers, closets, or any narrow space.

Our Price: $1,895.00
In Stock

More Information

Learn More About the Different Tern Bikes Below!


Portable transport for the human race

The Link family of bikes is designed with a simple goal – getting you from where you are to where you need to be. Whether your journey is all on bike or a combo of public transport and bike, your Link is ready to adapt. On arrival, fold your Link so it waits inside with you, safe and sound. Go by Link and keep to your own schedule.


Speed to Go

The Verge bikes are pretty to look at. But a whole lot better to ride. Some people believe that you need large wheels to go fast. Others know that the engine is where it’s at. Beauty is in the ride.


Connecting the transport dots

The Node family of bikes is all about connection — connecting you to your community, your local transport network, to your friends and family. The bikes ride and handle like a “regular bike” but fold compactly to stash in your car, on the subway, or in a living room corner or under an office desk. Perfect for bridging that first and last mile between the subway or bus line.


Big Ride, Small Fold

Want a bike that’ll keep up with your friends on weekend rides, and still fold in seconds for easy transport & storage? We do too. That’s why we designed the Eclipse with full-size wheels and the ability to fold—now you can jump on the subway, throw it in the back of a car or store it in your living room. Folding never rode so fast. Explore below.


Best in Class

In test after test, the Vektron is called the best folding ebike on the market. The updated Vektron gets even better with improved geometry, Bosch’s newest and virtually silent motor, and a burly, extended rack. With a Vektron, a lot of your car trips will start turning into bike trips.


Enormously Useful. Surprisingly Smaller.

The HSD is mighty but mini: It's easy to handle, easy to share, extremely comfortable to ride, carries a whole lot of cargo—and all of this in a compact design that's shorter than a standard bicycle.


Enormously useful. Surprisingly small.

The GSD is designed to carry two kids, a week’s worth of groceries, or a load of cargo, but it’s only 180 cm long—the same length as a standard ebike. With Tern’s best-in-class folding technology, it packs down small enough to fit in a VW Touran or an urban apartment. Plus, it adjusts to fit riders from 150 – 195 cm—so mom, dad and the kids can all share it.