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Montague Folding Bikes

Montague bikes are folding bikes with full size wheels, rather than tiny little folding bike wheels. They are available primarily as either mountain bikes or commuter bikes, and are offered in a wide range of designs. They will appeal especially to people who want a bike to take in their R.V., boat or airplane for travel or in the trunk of their car, and don’t need the especially small size of a mini folder – they just want that extra bit of compactness, but still want a full featured and great riding bike!

Montague folders are travel bikes with one thing designed in mind: Making a folding bike that rides well and fits in the trunk of your car without the weaknesses normally inherent in folders!

How is this achieved?

Montague’s unique folding design of having the rear triangle of the bicycle on a pivot that swings beneath the main frame tube in order to fold means that there are no frame hinges to crack, come loose or open while riding. The Montague doesn’t have a silly folding stem that can do the same things, either! These bikes can be considered as durable and usable as any regular bicycle – consider that the Montague mountain models are actually mountain bikes! So durable in fact, that the Montague Paratrooper is developed for the U.S. Military, to allow airborne soldier to drop out of airplanes and helicopters and into combat.

Their folding design also works entirely without tools, and is simple to understand and operate. The front wheel also features the innovative Clix system, which is a quick release that is much easier to use than a normal one. Montague folders don’t require you to be a bike mechanic in order to pack them down!

Normal folding bikes usually only come in one size. Sometimes “one size fits all” works, but with bikes this isn’t true! A good fitting bike is a key to comfort and control, and Montague bikes are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can get one that fits you, not just a bike that is meant to “generally fit”. Montague’s commuter models are also able to have their stem height raised and lowered on the fly, meaning that you have a little more adjustability right there.

And when it comes to features, Montague comes prepared. Their mountain bikes can be equipped with disc brakes, quality suspension forks, and they feature tough cross country ready frames. The asphalt oriented models are well thought out and rounded for everything from simple, low maintenance city rides like the Boston to fully geared up commuting rigs like the Navigator.

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Montague Paratrooper Express Montague Paratrooper Express

Brakes (Front) V-Brake
Brakes (Rear) V-Brake
Gears 18 speeds
Bike Weight 32 lbs
Wheel Size 26"
Available size 16" (4'8" - 5'2")

Our Price: $999.00
Montague Urban Montague Urban

Brakes (Front) V-Brake
Brakes (Rear) V-Brake
Gears 21 speeds
Bike Weight 29 lbs
Wheel Size 700c
Available size 17" (4'8" - 5'2"),
19" (5'3" - 5'10"),
21" (5'11" - 6')

Our Price: $1,099.00
Montague Paratrooper Montague Paratrooper


· 24-Speed Shimano Deore

· SR Suntour Suspension Fork

· Front & Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes

· RackStand Included

· Available size 16”, 18” or 20”

Our Price: $1,249.00
Montague Navigator Montague Navigator


· 27-Speed Shimano Sora

· Tektro disc brakes

· Octagon Tool-Free Adjustable Stem

· RackStand Included

· Available size 21”

Price $1,399

Our Price: $1,399.00
Montague Paratrooper Pro Montague Paratrooper Pro

Brakes (Front) Mechanical Disc Brake
Brakes (Rear) Mechanical Disc Brake
Gears 27 Speed Shimano Deore
Bike Weight 30 lbs
Wheel Size 26"
Available size 18" (5'7" - 5'11")
20" (6'0" - 6'4")
RackStand Included

Our Price: $1,399.00
Montague Paratrooper HighLine Montague Paratrooper HighLine

Paratrooper HighLine : - $1,799 Versatility on & off-road Bike

Brakes (Front) Hydraulic Disc-Brake
Brakes (Rear) Hydraulic Disc-Brake
Gears 20 speeds (2 x 10)
Bike Weight 30 lbs
Wheel Size 27.5" (650b)
Available size 18"(5'7" - 5'11"),
20" (6'0" - 6'4") (Restock by April)

Our Price: $1,799.00